Friday, March 9, 2007

Separation of Church and State in America - Here's the Proof

Here's a good synopsis of an important and often misunderstood subject: The History of the Separation of Church and State in America

One of the most relevant statements is:
"There is often debate about what exactly the First Amendment means, however, in an 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists, Thomas Jefferson made clear that the purpose of the First Amendment was to establish a "wall of separation" between Church and State in order to protect individuals' right of conscience"
Seems pretty clear and obvious to me what Thomas Jefferson meant. So, no more "in God we trust" on our money, no more graduation ceremonies and election stations in churces, and no ten commandments in public buildings. Period. I don't vote for putting "God doesn't exist" on the entrance of every public building either.


Unknown said...

I second that motion. Not because I don't believe in God, but because I don't believe in the government telling us one thing and doing another. I also vote to forget about the Pledge of Allegiance.

Peter Reaper said...


I'm assuming you're the same Justin from the "More German Prejudices" blog:

I really appreciate that you followed my suggestion and decided to read some Islam-critical blog (even if it was the least comprehensive blog among my suggestions: mine). You appear to be a brave man and a "seeker".