Friday, March 9, 2007

Ex-Moslems Opening Germans' Eyes

It's about time:

The Zentralrat der Ex-Muslime (Central Council of the Ex-Muslims) was officially announced today. Now the "multi-kulti" "let's all be friends" Germans can hear what (ex)Muslims have to say about Islam. Maybe the German "media-makers" and politicians will start to acknowledge that the Islamic religion is a threat to modern secular society.

"Religions- und Meinungsfreiheit zählen zu den fundamentalen Menschenrechten, die in Ländern mit islamischem Rechtsystem nicht in ausreichendem Maße gewährt werden. Innerhalb der muslimischen Glaubensgemeinschaft gilt der "Abfall vom Glauben" als Todsünde und wird entsprechend bestraft." [emphases mine]

An English version of their homepage is planned. I'll post it here.

Hat tip to - one of the few places to get truthful information that is critical to Islam (the Germany media sure isn't doing it, although they are just now beginning to take note - probably because of all the pressure from blogs pointing out their disservice to society).

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