Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mohammed cartoon reprint: Show your solidarity

In solidarity with the brave Danish journalists and other bloggers around the world who risk their lives by merely publishing a cartoon(!).

This cartoon(!) was enough of a "reason" for Muslims around the world to riot, vandalize, threaten, and murder. They choose to actively follow a religion that specifically demands such barbaric acts. Just think what it will be like on your street when Muslims are there in any number. Will you still feel "free" to speak your mind? Today it's a cartoon, tomorrow it's your pork hot dog, later it's merely the fact that you are not Muslim (a kafir or dhimmi) that incurs their rage...

The following stance can really only be understood if you have read the Qur'an (final word of Allah) and the Sunnah (Mohamed's perverted & murderous life, which is an absolute guide for Muslims lives).

My proposed solution:
  1. Don't let any more Muslims into our countries (non-Muslim Arabs: OK, apostates: OK). Expel any Muslims that exhibit excessive devotion to Islam.
  2. Put enormous resources into developing alternative energy sources.
  3. Then stop buying oil from the Muslims.
  4. Leave the Muslims to their own destructive devices - until they shed their hateful and violent "religion".