Monday, August 27, 2007

China Suppresses Freedom of Speech (Again) - Boycott their Olympics!

If you are interested in free speech, how the lack thereof in China may affect us in the near future, and what you can do about it, then this article by Roger L. Simon is well worth a read: Not Blogging the Beijing Olympics.

For some years now, the Internet has been a battleground between freedom of expression and censorship. Bloggers have been taken into custody for publishing their opinions in China, Iran and Egypt, among other places.

In China particularly—and motivated by what could only be corporate greed—three flagship American tech companies—Yahoo, Google and Microsoft—have sadly been the aiders and abetters of this totalitarian repression.
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As best as I can, I plan on not watching the Olympics in China and will do my best to avoid (boycott) products that are advertised there. I hope some of you will do the same.

Catchy quotes to remember and to remind you:
  • Do not purchase toys made in China: Liberty is not a toy
  • Do not purchase GE light bulbs until freedom's light shines in China


Anonymous said...

Why boycott their olympics? Why support the Dalia Lama? He is a puppet of the CIA. China has done NOTHING top provoke the wrath of these so called peaceful monks. Those monks, led by their brutal Lama, went on a bloody killing spree. I say boycott Tibet! Long live the people of China!

Anonymous said...

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